Post Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:11 pm

Re: [RELEASE] Mylo Hack Portal - .5 Pre-Release Build

And since they haven't updated the COM-1 in a while, and COM-2's QTopia build is based off of it, it may hold the same vulnerability.
Mylo COM-1 Source Code:
Mylo COM-1 1.01 File System: ... filesystem
Extracted Update.bin Files: is down, but I'm sure I can get these files from Sharry once I have time! I had a copy of the Mylo filesystem, but not at this moment.
Oh, and if you look on Sony's site, they hide most of their source code, but can provide links to it if they are threatened or sued. (Because of legal reasons, they must provide it.)
I would love to get a command port running! If you give me the executable, or any executable, it may just run straight from the Mylo COM-1. I've been able to 'force feed' files to the Mylo through many exploitable holes in the filesystem. I just haven't had the right kind of files to feed it. I'd really like to try them with your executable. I would love to see at least some kind of response from the device soon. :D
Man, this is really why I wish MyloForums was still up!! :O