Post Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:51 am

FF13 trophies help

i managed to download ff13 100% complete file frm this side to my ps3, managed to play it and save it the thng is on hw to get trophies..well i played frm the downloaded savefile and managed to get 63% of the trophies..anyway i cud get the other trophies??? anykinda help wud be gud..i played jst one cieth stone mission and i was able to get all the trophies related to the cieth stone missions..i downloaded another file, and got the treasure hunter treasure hunter trophy too..i downloaded this save file that says 100% enemy intel one and i went to a battle, i did use libra on an enemy on gran pulse, bt i didnt get the 100% enemy intel trophy...i wud really appreciate any ideas or hints on hw to get the rest of the trophies...thnx..pls i need sum help in this