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The Genius Test, are you a Genius?

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 7:26 pm
by Mailas
Haha! This test is soooo darn funny! If you don't get it, well its suppose to be a Genius test to test your skills. Its like all fake. Its rigged.
Heres an example for ya:
There are 3 apples, and you take 2 away, how many do you have left?
I answered 1, and it said I had 2 left. You took them away remember? Lol doesn't make sense, but that might be a trick question but this isn't:
You have 17-9 what's left? answered 8 and it said 9 lol!!!!
Man this is rigged...
Hey heres my score if you want:
-Mailas' score sheet on the *genius* test-
The Genius Test, Your Evaluation Point

You GOT 11 and You are Genius

Correct Answers Rating

11 Genius
9-10 Above Normal
7-8 Normal
4-6 Just Below Normal
1-3 Well, let's not say

Is there a Fourth of July in England?
Yes, it comes after the third of July!

How many birthdays does the average man have?
1 Just one!

Some months have 31 days; how many have 28?
12, all of them!

How many outs are there in an inning?
6, three per side!

Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister?
No - because he is dead!

Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What is the answer?
70, (30 divided by 1/2 equals 60!

If there are 3 apples and you take away 2, how many do you have?
2, you took them, remember?

A doctor gives you three pills telling you to take one every half hour.
How many minutes would the pills last?
60 - Start with the 1st pill, 30 minutes later take the 2nd, then 30 minutes for the 3rd.

A farmer has 17 sheep, and all but 9 die. How many are left?

How many animals of each sex did Moses take on the ark?
0. Moses didn't have an ark, Noah did!

How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen? 12. There are 12
2 cent stamps in a dozen!

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 7:33 pm
by .Vault
OMG i took this test 4 years ago man this is old sh*t

EDIT - i remember all the awnsers... 11/11

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 7:37 pm
by jtwright
me too i was like 11 and reading edgar allen poe

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 7:40 pm
by Mailas
Haha but its pretty funny.
Lol, Some months have 31 days, which one has 28?
12! lol!! Its February

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 8:13 pm
by Supashay91
lol i originally got a 11 now i got a 9 wtf!

PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 6:01 am
by alimobeer
Yeh i'm sure this test proves you to be a genious if I (ME OF ALL PEOPLE) can get a fukin 11 :lol: