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PSN Down for CFW

PSN Error 80710A06 - Spoofed CFW's unable to go online

Posted by STLcardsWS on 18-Feb-2015, @ 02:16pm


Some bad news for PS3 CFW user's who have a "spoofed firmware" as it seems Sony has made a move to block spoofs from accessing the PlayStation Network (PSN), however CFW user on 4.66 are unaffected at this time. When logging into the network you will be presented with a Error Code of "80710A06" and be signed out of the network, which reports have pointed to only spoofed CFW user's getting this error. The good news recently there was a release of about 8 popular services that no longer have the PSN login attached to them thanks to scene developers who were able to lift this intrusive requirement the official Netflix / YouTube and other applications .