Post Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:23 pm

Photoshop CS5 Extended help

so here's the deal a friend of mine gave me Photoshop CS5 Extended Portable or free now i'm having some problems figuring some of the stuff out on it and i don't wanna bother her about since she just gave it to me i don't wanna seem like a bother. so my problems are as follows:
1. How do i merge two pictures seamlessly into one? for example i found this pic online and i edited it a bit to be a pic of my RP Alter Ego Morkane Bloodrage Image

i wanted him to be standing on a battlefield but alls i was able to do was erase the old BG and make it plain brown change his hair color add some black lines so it looks like he has hair instead of just a red blob on his head changed his eye color and added his name.

2.I'm also having a problem figuring out the resizing thing on here because i'd really like to start making my own forum sigs instead of having people make them for me.

and before any of you comment on it not being good i know it's not it was my first try once i figure out how to work it better i'll do some modifying.