PS3 Homebrew Manager is a Java Applet so please ACCEPT the security certificate when it pops up.
It comes up as untrusted as I don't want to spend all the money to get it "officially" signed.
*No personal information is stored by us or sent to anyone else*
PS3 Homebrew / Update Manager v2.5
   - PS3 Homebrew / Update Manager is a Java Applet to put the latest Homebrew straight on your PS3.
   - It also allows for you to search for and download PS3 Game updates STRAIGHT TO YOUR PS3.
   - Why an applet and not a downloadable? An applet allows ALL OSes. Also allows me to make constant tweaks and changes without having to worry about breaking old versions.

To Do List here. If you want to help translate let us know on the forums.

How to
  *Note: Errors will show up in the console text area at the bottom.
  (1) Start up PS3 in Jailbreak mode and start the PS3 FTP Server.
  (2) Pick what you want to install and press the download button.
  (3) Restart your console (WITH jailbreak) and it should be on XMB and ready to install

Release Thread. Got questions? Ask them here.