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[Release] Smarcyclem V. 0.33 by crait 08/01/2008


Version 0.33
Release Date 8/01/2008
By crait


# Summary
# Requirements
# Download
# Closure
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# Summary:
Smarcyclem is, currently, the only working emulator for the Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade System. It does run full speed most of the time and only one game has any sort of major sound issue: Letter Creek.
Smarcyclem is easy to install and get running. No need for BIOS files either! XD

# Requirements:
1: A PSP Slim or Original model with at least 3.xx Custom Firmware installed.
2: A memory stick.
3: Common sense.

# Installation:
1: Place the SMARCYCLEM folder under X:/PSP/GAME/ .
(There should be a ENGINE0.NE file and an EBOOT.PBP file within that folder.)
2: Place all .SC ROM's into the X:/PSP/Game/SMARCYCLEM/ folder with any name. (ZIPped and RARed files are not readable)
3: It's set up! You can go run it now!

# Download:
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# Closure:
If you have a comment about this program, if you have questions, if you liked it, or if you want to flame me, then you can contact me via E-Mail or Aol Instant Messanger or Private Message. You can also reply on this topic and I'll try my best to help ^L^
E-Mail: [email protected]
Aol Instant Messanger Screen Name: thecrait

#Want More?
Head on over to if you wanna download some more of my programs ^L^
Systems & Sketches is a great, great forums where you can talk to great people!