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[Release] Multi-Die V. 1 by crait 08/01/2008



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Post Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:10 am

[Release] Multi-Die V. 1 by crait 08/01/2008


Version 1
Release Date 8/01/2008
By crait


# Summary
# Requirements
# Download
# Closure
# Want More?

# Summary:
Ever needed a coin or a die? Or worse... Have you ever needed a 22 sided die for Dungeons & Dragons or something like that and you've never even seen one? Well, you're in luck because this program works as all those and more!
This program is very clean and simple to run. You input how many face you want on the die, and you roll it! The program then picks a random number and displays it! You can use any number of sides from 2 to whatever amount you need!
If you have 2 sides it acts as a coin.

# Requirements:
1: A PSP Slim or Original model with at least 3.xx Custom Firmware installed.
2: A memory stick.
3: Common sense.

# Installation:
1: Place the MULTI folder under X:/PSP/GAME/ .
2: Run it!

# Download:
Image ReadMe: VIEW

# Closure:
If you have a comment about this program, if you have questions, if you liked it, or if you want to flame me, then you can contact me via E-Mail or Aol Instant Messanger or Private Message. You can also reply on this topic and I'll try my best to help :P
E-Mail: [email protected]
Aol Instant Messanger Screen Name: thecrait

#Want More?
Head on over to if you wanna download some more of my programs ^L^
Systems & Sketches is a great, great forums where you can talk to great people!

Muhahahha! 100-sided die!!!!



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Post Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:44 pm

I remember making some programs like this for practicing c++.

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