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The Official Ore Glossary

Here is a glossary of all the commands that are supported and planned for the first release of Ore.
Whenever I add more functions and make the language have more features, I will be adding to this list. The initial release will probably not contain all of these features, so I will be color coding this whenever the first buil is released.

As always, add some suggestions or ask questions if you want! :D

ore - (Contains standard Ore commands.)
> info - Displays information that Ore contains such as build number and other release information.
> help - Displays commands contained in 'ore' and what they do.
> echo {anything} - Displays '{anything}'. Same as the special 'echo:{anything}' command.
> cmd - Toggles displaying commands as they run.
> clear - Clears the text in the history box.
> pause - Halts the reading of the current file until the action key is pressed.
> boot - Reboots Ore within the environment.
> exit - Exits Ore. (Without Ore running, the environment will usually also exit.)

sys - (Contains standard system commands.)
> info - Displays information about the system running the environment.
> help - Displays commands contained in 'sys' and what they do.
> who - Displays who's currently logged onto the system and/or the system name.
> time - Displays the current time set by the system.
> batt - Displays infomartion in regards to the power source and/or battery used by the system.
> usb - Toggles USB mode. (PSP version, only.)
> sleep - Puts the system into sleep mode.
> down - Shuts down the system.

env - (Contians commands to change environmental settings.)
> info - Displays environment information such as theme settings and screen size.
> help - Displays commands contained in 'env' and what they do.
> speed {# 0-3} - Changes the output speed of text. (Does not allow access to more resources.)
> theme {# 0-9} - Changes the theme of the environment to preset themes. (This is 'text', 'bg', and 'fore' settings.)
> text {# 0-9} - Changes the color of the input and history text.
> bg {# 0-9} - Changes the background of the environment.
> fore {# 0-9} - Changes the foreground colors and settings of the environment.

echo - (Special container holding one command for output.)
> {anything} - Displays '{anything}'. Same as the special 'ore:echo {anything}' command.

exe - (Special container for executing and interacting with files.)
> info - Displays information for the capabilities of executing files on the current system or displays information on the file being ran.
> help - Displays commands contained in 'exe' and what they do.
> {anything}.ore - Executes a .Ore file.
> {anything}.txt - Displays the contents of a .txt file.
> {# 0-4}.{#}.{y, n}.{anything} - First command of a .Ore file. Contains the display speed of the file in the first parameter, the build of Ore required to run the file in the second, and whether or not to display the commands running in the third. The last parameter is the title of the program contain in the file.
> end - Last line of a .Ore file and can be used to exit the reading of the .Ore file.

%lbl {# 0-9} - Marks the position in the file.
%goto {# 0-9, var a-j} - Searches for a '%lbl' position from the top of the file and continues reading from the following line.
%if {comparisson} then - If the comparison is true, do the following lines of code until reaching '%end'. If it is false, then no code is read until after the next '%end' or reaching the end of file.
%end - Signals the exit of an '%if' section.

]Operations & Input
%var {var a-j} {=, +, -, *, /} {var a-j, #, nil} - Changes a given variable's value by a constant or another variable's value.
%str {str a-j} {=} {anything, nil} - Changes a value of a string.
%var {var a-j} inp - Prompts the user to input a numeric value.
%str {str a-j} inp - Prompts the user to input a string value.

{var a-j, str } {=, >, <, >=, <=} {var a-j, #, nil} - Compares a variable to another or constant number.

%var {var a-j} out - Displays the given variable.
%str {str a-j} out - Displays the given string.
help - Displays general information for all containers and controls.
pause - Same as 'ore:pause'.
exit - Same as 'ore:exit'.
# {anything} - Comment line. Is not read by Ore.