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[Release] TeleCommand: Control Your PC From Your PS Vita!

Because my last release didn't go over so well with some people on this website, I thought I'd redeem myself with the release of TeleCommand and the pre-release of TeleCommand for the PS Vita. The following is pretty much a copy/paste from my blog that's located here:

The TeleCommand Receiver is a program that is ran on a PC (and in the future, Mac's) that will run automated tasks or commands whenever a user on a mobile device like the PS Vita (and in the future, Android devices) sends it. The mobile device runs TeleCommand and can send commands securely to the PC over the internet. Using the PC receiver program, you may set custom command and save them, or you can just use the default commands.

The TeleCommand remote application is a program that is ran from a mobile device (in this case, a PS Vita) that sends commands to a host computer that is running the TeleCommand Receiver application over the internet. Commands are sent securely and anonymously using a randomly generated username.

It is very important to distinguish between the two. It is also important to note that both are required if you're planning on doing anything. However, not both of the applications are available to everyone at this time. Right now, anyone can download the TeleCommand Receiver for PC. It's over in the downloads section of my blog, but is also available to download at this link: Click here to download.

In order to obtain the pre-release of TeleCommand for the PS Vita, you must do one of two things... First, you can e-mail me at: [email protected] or alternatively, you can send me a tweet on Twitter: @crait . Sending me an e-mail may get you the pre-release but it may not. It depends on how many people contact me. It's kind of a first come, first serve scenario. But, if you send me a tweet, you will be guaranteed a download link to the PS Vita version of TeleCommand.

TeleCommand for PS Vita:

TeleCommand Receiver for PS Vita:
• Quick and efficient. Works like a charm.
• You are able to send arguments to programs and commands
• Integrated support for most media players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Monkey, etc.
• Your PS Vita remembers your username!
• You are alerted whenever you no longer are able to connect to the internet

TeleCommand Receiver for PC:

TeleCommand Receiver for PC features:
• Up to 50 custom commands can be stored
• Commands can accept arguments!
• Integrated support for most media players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Monkey, etc.
• Quick and efficient. Works like a charm.
• Securely use a unique username when connecting to the server! You can stay anonymous!
• Automatically reconnects to the internet if you lose connection
• You can hide the program to the system tray and can be alerted with balloon tips
• TeleCommand Receiver can automatically start whenever you start your computer

TeleCommand Receiver’s balloon alerts:

Default Commands:

• “power” – Shuts down the computer
• “sleep” – Puts the computer into sleep mode
• “log” – Logs the current user off of the computer
• “restart” – Restarts the computer
• “v up” – Increases the volume by 10%
• “v down” – Decreases the volume by 10%
• “v” – Sets the volume to a specific number from 0 to 100 that is given as an argument
• “mute” – Mutes the computer
• “web” – Opens your web browser
• “home” – Opens your web browser to your home page
• “cmd” – Opens Command Prompt. Arguments are lines of codes sent to Command Prompt. (Starts in the root directory.)
• “play” – Sets your media player to play the current song
• “next” – Skips to the next song
• “prev” – Plays the previous song
• “stop” – Stops the media player
• “pause” – Pauses the currently playing song

TeleCommand has technically been finished for an entire week, but knowing how non-technical the PS Vita user base can be, I decided to spend a little more time making the applications more simplistic and in general, more streamlined. I even took source code that Drakon has nicely given out to create a very simple one-click PS Vita installer for the pre-release of the TeleCommand program for the mobile platform. (That’s the program that is pictured below.)


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