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[RELEASE] Mylo Hack Portal Version 1 Final

Yes! That’s right! I’m finally finished!


The Mylo Hack Portal is a web-based portal that is used to access different various exploits and hacks in the Sony Mylo COM-1. The Mylo is a personal communication device that was released a while back that had built-in WiFi and a slide-out keyboard. It really lost popularity because it was competing against the Sony PSP and other emerging smartphones.

Sony dumped it, but people still wanted to try to attempt to program for it and fix the various bugs. There was very little movement in the hacking scene swirling around the Mylo. Some people could gain root access using an open port that the Linux distribution the Mylo was sporting, but that was only available on the first firmware version and was quickly patched.

The Mylo Hack Portal is a collection of all the web-based tools that I’ve been using to mess around with my Mylo COM-1. The toolset includes:
  • Links to Opera URI tools
  • Access to COM-1 filesystem using the “../” method
  • Access to the memory stick root through the web browser
  • Different partial exploits that can be expanded in the future
  • HTML sandbox page for testing other exploits

Installation procedures:
1. Extract all of the files from to your computer.
2. Connect your Mylo COM-1 to your computer and make sure it is in USB mode.
3. Access your Mylo’s memory card on your computer.
4. Move index.html and Portal folder to the root of the memory card.
5. Unplug your Mylo from your computer
6. Go to the Opera web browser on your Mylo a go to the following address: file://localhost/znand/
7. From there, you will be able to access all of the features.

Anyways, besides that, I've been working on another exploit to force-feed code to the Mylo through the image viewer.

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