Post Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:33 pm

Game Save For FF13 (Or for any Games you guys want)

OK... I recently learned how to do the "moving the game data to SAVEDATA" stuffs... pardon my English.. not my first language but I will try and make it clear... I was told that I'd first to make a save from a game, for ex: FF13, I copied one save data from Ch. 7, weapons are not fully upgraded, HP are low, characters are all low-level... and I saw one from Gamefaqs, which is nice, they stated fully weapons and everything...Now, I copied the one save data like I said, to my USB and plug it in the laptop (UNDERSTANDING, IT'S A MAC).. and when I click on that desired link to download a game save.. I was told to move everything to PS3/SAVEDATA/the game... what I have seen is the letter starts with BL or BSC or whatever.. I've seen none of that... so I just figured copy the APP.DAT, Isno, .PFD and SFO files to the SAVEDATA... and when I inserted it to the PS3 and click on USB Device under Game Data Utility (PS3), I was able to copy and the message came up saying the file is used by another user so I couldn't get trophies and cannot save the game... I was a little mad but could NOT understand why.... why uploaded it online when it's copy-protected?.. is there any way around to it? PLEASE HELP thank you very much I would appreciated it.. I'll check in to see your guys' answer..