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Selling my eBooks - Check it out, its worth it!(:

Well apparently constantly refreshing you page to up your thread count on my other site where i sold them, isn't god and put you on term for a temp ip ban. So ill see if anyone here want them :) And if I'm not allowed to do this please let me know and ill delete it and try too sell them elsewhere.

My 3 eBooks!! $5 Each through Paypal!

The Universal Lockpick Info and Making Guide - This guide will tell you about the special key you can make yourself, at home!
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The Joint Rollers Handbook - A eBook that teaches you how to make all kinds of truly amazing joints!
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(This is my newest one) How to Bypass Almost any Padlock!! - A detailed guide on how to make a bypass that works with almost all padlocks!
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I hope you all enjoy! I'm just trying to earn a little extra cash.. If there are any questions or problems, feel free to PM me! :D
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