Post Thu Dec 07, 2006 9:51 pm

Time Warner Had its doubts Blue-Ray Format

Time warner seems as opposed as to Blue Ray's new format as from Microsofts HD DVD.
Heres the scoop:
Time Warner Corporation is one of the bigger and more known media conglomerates around. During these past few years, the company has definitely set its eyes on the booming

gaming industry. It would be remembered that they recently acquired gaming site Joystiq through AOL.

The technological race on Sony and Microsoft is becoming a slam. Pretocious? I wish. With Blu-ray (PS3) to HD DVD (360), the competition heats up. wrote:Do I think that the game console platform is really going to drive the conversion? I don't think so. People get those things to play games, not watch movies.

The publics expression hopes for Sony to win the race? Whoa...slow down there. Even though Time Warner Supports both HD DVD and Blue Ray formats on the take, it strikes a lot of people quite curious of the opposition.