Post Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:03 pm

Total noob needs Dead Space one save help.

Bare with me and help me figure this out as I'm not tech savie as most other people around here as it seems. I tried downloading a save off here for the final checkpoint in impossible mode of the game so I could just do the final boss and get the trophy without all the hassle of actually playing impossible mode.

Now my question is how do I change and what do I need in order to change the name of the save file owner? Because when I started the game on my PS3 it said it was unable to load the save as I was not the original owner. Sorry if this is a common thing as I had no clue how or what to search for to try and save time in the forums. "If it's any help for none owners of the game the files within the save are "HED-DATA, PARAM.PFD, PARAM.SFO, and USR-DATA" That's a far as I've been able to go and I assume I need to be able to access the USR-DATA so any help would be great.